When I started working with Charlotte and Josie in the More Sales, More Money programme, I was struggling with being consistent and needed direction as to how and where i wanted my business to go.


Since starting the programme, I have gained 7,000 new followers, one of my posts went viral with over a million impressions and 10k likes. My interaction has been crazy and i have had 100s of enquiries. I now have other businesses asking me for advice and i have began working with other brands which i would love to keep doing! I have got someone working with me freelance and am looking into other stuff as we continue to grow. The future looks exciting and i fee so focussed and settled for the first time in my career!


The course has supported me to be super focused and driven, really positive and feel that i am in the right mindset that i wanted to be in.


The energy Josie and Charlotte bring is electric and being in the group and speaking with so many other women that all want the same outcomes helps vibrate our energies to achieve what we want together! Josie and Charlotte’s knowledge and experience has been so important in helping me to improve my own goals and mindset.




Before starting the More Sales, More Money programme with Charlotte and Josie, I really felt like my confidence was lacking, I was scared to ask for the sale (incase they said no) and I felt like every time I didn't get the sale I'd done something wrong and felt really knocked back. 


Since taking the programme things are so much better! Better engagement with my brides through social channels. I've put more detailed processes & systems in place to follow leads through the customer journey. I've had some amazing sales results since I've re-opened my boutique. I feel SO much more confident, after being away from the boutique and selling for so long I was feeling quite daunted by getting back in to it all. I don't feel afraid to ask and to follow up now and I'm working on keeping high-vibe for even when I don't sell so that it doesn't affect my whole day like it used to. 


My mindset is probably the biggest impact of all. My confidence has increased massively. I believe in myself and what I'm doing and feel good about referring to myself as an expert. I'm able to move on much better now and trust that letting go of a customer means opening up a space for someone new who is going to buy from me.  


I love learning and developing and even though Josie & Charlotte have pushed me outside of my comfort zone it also feels easy with them. Taking small steps & big leaps and knowing that I have two amazing cheerleaders right behind me. There's a great mix of learning, listening & actually doing and it's great to be able to see in real life what I'm learning is working and turning in to more leads and sales.



I was at a cross roads in my business on what I needed to do to up my game and just couldn’t shift my mindset on my own. That’s why I joined the More Money, More Sales course with Charlotte and Josie.

I have gained so much from this course I have confidently put my prices up throughout my collection. I have signed over 12 new boutiques in the last 10 weeks and have had the biggest sales week since my business launched 4 years ago.


Since starting the programme, I am more confident and aware that my previous negative thoughts about the business are not actually real. I am now ready to really scale the business and look really positive towards the future.


My biggest win is breaking the barriers down on social media and putting my face to my brand. I would have never done this in a million years. I now actually like to do Lives on Instagram and the response to them is incredible.


I love the positive mindset that Charlotte and Josie bring and a wealth of knowledge on how to increase sales in a business. It’s been a fantastic group of ladies to work with and I have really enjoyed our weekly Wednesday nights.





Before I began the More Sales, More Money program with Josie and Charlotte, I wasn't being as visible as I used to be, which I know affects sales. That's because a part of me was like giving up in some ways. I had not collaborated as well, something I was doing before. 


I got back to being visible,  formed collaborations, people engaging with me, started believing in myself again & started taking the kind of actions I was slowly not taking,  i.e. reaching out to people.  


The program has been CPR for my mindset and belief in myself,  big time. This course has helped me get grounded in me being of service by selling and showing up as the leader people need me to be. 


My biggest win is getting back to a place of belief in myself and business and getting so grounded that selling is being of service. This is HUGE for me because seriously,  I was not being as visible as I know I can be & this was affecting my business big time.  


I love Josie and Charlotte's energy, sincerity, how you can tell they care about each and every one of us and our success, and all you can learn from them.  Just absolutely everything.






When I started the More Sales, More Money programme with Charlotte and Josie, I was lacking confidence, self belief was very low.  I was afraid of becoming visible and I had no one to be accountable to so didn’t set targets or frequent goals. I didn’t know how to go about setting up good policies and practices in the business for myself.


I am now much more confident in being visible on social media, setting targets and goals. I have done so much networking with others and collaborating with others in the group has been amazing. I have learnt so many practical tips and scripts for discovery calls, how to handle no and objections!


I have grown in confidence, increased self belief, believing I’m the expert, learning about positivity and high vibes and manifesting what I want. I have learn to be my own cheerleader and a cheerleader for others. And to stay the course... stay consistent and learning resilience for the no’s so they don’t knock me anymore

Charlotte and Josie are high energy, the authenticity and warmth of the two is fabulous. They definitely have different personalities and styles but compliment each other beautifully in how they come across. They're real women and that resonates with me



Before joining Charlotte and Josie's programme, I was lacking confidence in asking for the sale & I was apologetic about saying the price of some of my more expensive products 


Now, my appointment diary is busier than it’s ever been & I’m already taking appointments for September.  In my first week back open I’ve converted 70% of my sales & the other 30% are a maybe & rebooked to come back in.


I’ve also taken on another designer label with a higher price point than my current collection. I certainly wouldn’t have done that before.


I’ve also collaborated with other ladies on the course & now have a network of like minded business owners


The mindset has been a real lightbulb moment for me. I now realise that it was my own money mindset & my negative thoughts from my past experience about money that were holding me back. 


Charlotte and Josie's positive vibes are infectious. Their knowledge on this subject is great & because you have them both guiding you, you get a really balanced & rounded perspective.





What sort of business owner is this aimed at?

Will I get results?

How does the payment plan work? 


 Before starting the More Sales, More Money course with Josie and Charlotte, I was struggling to close sales and put myself out there.  

The course has made me more confident in my approach to sales and I have put my prices up and signed several new clients at my raised price point.   


Josie and Charlotte are warm, friendly and real.. and they speak from experience.  Working with them in this programme has been incredible.






Before starting this course I was struggling with a lack of confidence and self belief. I was suffering with imposter syndrome about launching my new business and wanted some guidance and support getting back on the right path and changing my mindset into a positive one.


I have gained confidence and I believe in myself and my business. After a year of lockdown it was hard knowing what to do and where to focus my energy, but this course has encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone and through doing so I have gained business connections and grown my following and engagement with customers. I have collaborated with other women on the course and now stock their products in my boutique.


It’s had a huge impact on my mindset and I’m so grateful to Charlotte and Josie for running this amazing supportive course. It has helped me to gain clarity within my business and have a more positive mindset in how to approach things. My confidence is growing and I’ve learnt new ways of doing things to help develop my business. 


My biggest win is the shift in my mindset and the changes I’ve seen in my confidence. I’m still on my journey, but this course has helped me along and I can look ahead knowing I have tools in place to help me develop my business.



When I joined the More Sales Programme with Charlotte and Josie, I needed to work on my mindset around money, I wasn't sure on how to progress to next level and feeling isolated in my business. 


Since participating in the course, I have had new clients signed up, formed collaborations and increased my followers on social media 


This course has had such a positive impact on my mindset! It’s wonderful to have a community of women who all understand the challenges you face on a day to day basis, and the support is incredible!


Charlotte and Josie provide a group with a real sense of community, they bring positivity and relatability.